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Classes were easy to follow for audio and visual learners. H Kleinbeck 12/2019

Driving lessons with Maria and Leisa are the best. T Andreoi 12/2019

Parent class gave me information to go over with my daughter and even taught me rules and regulations that I didn't know about. M Hanrahan 11/2019

Parent class gave me scenarios that I would not have thought to talk about with my daughter. D Andrews 11/2019

Class topics are unique, car maintenance was my favorite. J Cruz 10/2019

Parent class gave real life examples and I would highly recommend. 10/2019

The Driving School of Fairfield really cares about making you a better driver and helping you succeeded. E Winslow 9/24/19

Parent class helped me get an idea of what I need to teach my daughter and I even learned a few rules. 9/2019

I wouldn't make any changes to this business it helped me learn how to be a good driver and be more aware on the road. C Laginestra 8/13/19

The teachers were amazing, they gave helpful tip and honest feedback. S Herley 8/13/19

The classes were very informative, instructors kept them interesting and engaged. 7/2019

Parent class was very helpful and thorough. C Cerny 7/2019

Eight hour course was easy to follow and very informative. 6/2019

Classes were interesting, didn't seem like two hours classes. K Gidez 6/2019

Energetic teachers make the long D&A classes enteraining. 5/2019

Lectures were very informative. H Nelson 4/2019

Classes are fun, instructors are very nice. 4/2019

The class and instructors are great. Super convienent because we could choose when to attend classes. W Allen 3/12/19

Maria is a great driving instructor. 3/12/19

I love how detailed the course is. Jeff is amazing at the parent class. 3/2019

They teach in a way that is easy to comprehend. K Holdried 3/12/19

I learned more than I thought and I feel I am a much better driver. 2/2019

I loved all of the instructors as well as the classroom teachers. 2/2019

Jeff is a great presenter, very imformative. C Fitzgerald 1/24/19

Great Job! Parent class was very imformative and interactive. Students should tell their friends how awsome this school is. J Wright 1/24/19

All instructors are very nice and very helpful Z. Corsi 12/18/18

Driving lessons with Maria are great 11/2018

Taking classes at The Driving School Of Fairfield raised my confidence in driving P. Rivera 11/06/18

I liked the presentation and how he asked questions- it made me think. You are getting my other daughter next year! Parent Class 10/11/18

Relaxed atmosphere and teachers interest in material. Parent Class 10/11/18

I would not change anything. I thought that the class times were very conveinent and the teachers were amazing. M. DeMoura 9/18/18

Maria's driving skills are strict, but great! M.Ingram 9/18/18

This is great! Really liked the pace and interaction with the students. Parent Class 9/13/18

Love the classes! Great job! Parent Class 9/13/18

Seeing the statistics that most people here past their driving test the first time at The Driving School of Fairfield. A. Milici 8/21/18

Maria is very helpful with her teaching techniques in the car. G. Moore 8/7/18

I liked the interactive nature of the classes. The schedule is very flexible. S. Cinti 7/10/18

I liked the teachers enthusiasm for the subject. There dedication for making the classes fun but also teaching kids to become safe drivers. O. Capasso 7/10/18

I liked how the instructors used real life situations in teaching. They also offer a flexible schedule for driving hours and classes. G. Shah 6/26/18

I was very pleased and quite amazed at how your parent class was last Thursday. My son went to another school and it was an awful experience for both him and I. 6/14/18

Jeff you are great at what you do and I learned so much! 6/12/18

Jeff and Maria are amazing teachers. 5/8/18

The little tips they gave called reference points made it very easy to learn to drive 5-22-18

Exceeded my expectations. 4/19/2018

Road hour schedule is extremely flexible. 4/3/18

Great teachers, great classroom. 3/20/2018

My daughter loves going to class and is really looking forward to her behind the wheel lessons. 3/20/2018

Great Job! 3/2018

Road hours are flexible, classes were fun. S.McKinnis 2/13/18

Jeff's teaching in the classroom and Maria on road instruction are the best. 1/2018

Well organized school, they help you figure out the best schedule to get all requirements done. 1/2018

I like how they have different instructors teaching in the classroom and also behind the wheel instruction. 12/2017

The classroom is very nice and comfortable. Classes are very informative. 12/2017

Made it very easy to get my license in 4 months. G.Logan 11/7/17

There's nothing I didn't like about this school. It was fun. D.Fiol 11/7/17

At first, I thought 30 hours was a lot of class time however now I see why it should be a state requirement. J.Ceruzzi 10/26/17

The parent class was very informative, the presenter was very interactive and entertaining. Much better than when I took it at another school with my other child. 10/26/17 K.OConnell

Excellent presentation for the parent class! Thanks Jeff! L.DeAngelis 9/7/17

Keep it up guy! My fourth and last child just finished your program. Excellent! 9/7/17

There is nothing that I didn't like at the Driving School of Fairfield. S.Bates 8/29/17

Classes were interesting, didn't seem like two hours classes. C.Ryan 8/29/17

Kids just want to pass but at the Driving School of Fairfield, they want you to learn and than pass. L.Waldron 8/7/17

I liked how this school has a very high passing rate. -J.Russell 7/29/17

The best was taking road hours with Maria. -T. Baldwin 6/26/2017

I liked taking the classes with Jeff. Very informative and fun. - S. Malloy 6/20/2017

Bravo, five stars. My daughter learned so much and actually looked forward to going to the parent class. 

Eight hour course was easy to follow and very informative. - A. de la Rosa 6/4/2017

Classes are taught with enthusiasm and are very informative. - E. deBruim 5/30/2017

Parent class was very helpful and thorough. -L. Borter 5/25/2017

The schedule for classes make it quick and easy to complete the course. -L. Schweizer 5/23/2017

Instructors are really nice and you are able to take license exam right at the school. - W. Seamen 5/8/2017

Classes are fun, instructors are very nice. - N. Perry 4/25/2017

Driving hours were very informative. - C. Jacobson 4/23/2017

Great presentation. Very enlightening and helpful as I continue to teach my son to drive. Thank you. -K. Foster 4/20/2017

Classes are very instructional. They give in depth details of real life driving situations. -- N. Nemchek 3/20/2017

Awesome experience all around learned a lot and Jeff made it fun. -3/16/2017

Signed up for just the 8 hour course. After attending the parent class decided my son must take full course. Well worth the time and money. - 3/16/2017

Instructors are very nice and they want you to succeed. -G. Hanrahan 3/13/2017

Jeff's teaching in the classroom and Maria on road instruction are the best! -J. Rachel 3/13/2017

Wish you were closer to Weston but was worth the drive. Thank You for all the great service.

The classes are engaging and enjoyable. Its very easy to schedule appointments, there is more availability than other schools. --E. Ebbesen 2/24/2017

Everyone is outgoing and made you feel comfortable. Was fun and easy to learn. --C. Lacey 2/24/2017

Super friendly staff, very informative. Learned a lot of good laws. --J. Owens 2/23/2017

Wish I knew about your school sooner. This was so much better than the place my other two kids went. -2/16/2017

I liked the interactive nature of the classes. The schedule is very flexible -O. Hatch 12/27/2016

I loved all of the instructors as well as the classroom teachers. -M. Hochberg 12/13/2016

This school has a high percentage of people passing license exam. -J. Hochberg 12/13/2016

Made me aware of defensive driving.  --S. Atlas 11/08/2016

Classes taught me how to react to every situation.  --L. Mishalani 11/08/2016

Flexible schedule, organized and not boring.  --Z. Howard 10/25/2016

Instructors always made it a relaxed environment for you to ask any questions.  --D. Saloomey 10/25/2016

Times were easy to attend with sport schedules.  --C. Pavoni 10/25/2016

The instructors go above and beyond to make sure that you understand all necessary materials to pass your test.  --S. Smith 10/11/2016

Instructors were very interactive during the classes.  --K. Connor 10/11/2016

The classroom hours taught me a lot.  --M. Mckeon 10/11/2016

I learned more than I thought and I feel I am a much better driver.  --F. Milici 09/27/2016

Very fun and interesting.  --M. Cordon 09/27/2016

The teachings exceeded the basic technics, which helped me pass my test.  --M. Randazzo 09/27/2016

They taught us safety on the road, the rules of the road, and what not to do.  --B. Beiser 09/27/2016

Scheduling classes when they fit your schedule.  --C. Noeldechen 09/13/2016

Informative classes and able to choose when to go to classes.  --M. Wrigley 09/13/2016

The atmosphere was inviting and stress-free.  --J. Wymbs 08/31/2016   

Private driving.  --J. Caldwell 08/31/2016

Taking the drivers test here at the school.  --M. Leone 08/31/2016

Clear on reviewing all laws for new drivers.  --G. Mysogland 08/23/2016

The extensive knowledge I gained from instructors.  --B. Ruff 08/23/2016

Learning what it truly means to drvie Defensively.  --C. Smola 08/23/2016

Feeling fully prepared and ready for Drivers Test!  --C. Sharp 08/23/2016

Very welcoming and eager to help!  --B. Barney 08/16/2016

Flexibility with classes and allowing you to fullfil all DMV requirements within a year.  --K. Boyle 08/16/2016

Road hours gave great feel of the car and road.  --A. Lauro 08/16/2016

Summer Accelerated course programs.  --A. McThomas 08/19/2016

Welcoming environment, and very informational classes, also the option to take certain classes.  --N. Hyman 08/16/2016

Loved the 1 on 1 help.  --K. Do 08/09/2016

Capable to pick your classes per your schedule.  --C. Murdock 08/09/2016

Nice instructors, helpful technique, and effective teaching.  --K. Flicker 08/09/2016

The way it was taught, was not boring or like the traditional driving school.  --G. Lawler 08/09/2016

Told us everything needed to know about the road.  --K. Babington 08/09/2016

Classes were always clear on questions students had about driving during class.  --E. Snitkoff 08/02/2016  

The classes/instructors were funny and engaging, we actually learned things.  --M. Finnigan 08/02/2016

Well Taught classes, prepared me for the road.  --J. Lustbader 08/02/2016

Great instructors(Keith & Maria) Thank You.  --W. Stuhlman 08/02/2016

The use of movies and games to teach us about driving.  --C. McCormick 07/26/2016

Good Instruction, providing useful information.  --S. Stewart 07/26/2016 

Teachers/Flexability/Location, Thank You Driving School oF FairField.  --A. Bellora 07/12/2016

Behiond the wheel hours were very helpful and informative.  --S. Dineen 07/12/2016

Well organized school, they help you figure out the best schedule to get all requirements done.  --A Sheketoff 06/28/2016

Real life stories shared in class that all can relate to.  --S. Leitner 06/21/2016

Great information provided by all instructors to prepare you for the road.  --J. Soper 06/21/2016 

I learned alot while on driving hours.  --A Maresca 06/21/2016 

The classes were not always just talking, but the kids also reflected and talked.  W. Neugebuaer 06/21/2016 

I was impressed on how honest/nice all the instructors where.  --K. Colby 06/21/2016

Flexibility with class schedule.  --L Sohigian 06/07/2016

Offers the earliest test dates.  --J. Stebbins 06/07/2016

Great teachers very engaging.  --T. Sterner 05/09/16

The way the classes were set up created a great learning environment.  --J. Tomaszewski 05/09/16

A very well organized schedule.  --J. Hogarth 05/09/16

The driving instructor was very patient during my BTW lessons.  --S. Perillo 05/09/16

It was very casual, there was never a moment I felt stressed, in the classroom or on the road.  --K. Geraghty 04/26/16

Enjoyment of coming to class to learn.  --G. Flink 04/14/16

How helpful the road hours written test was.  --J. Maged 04/14/16

Engaging teachers and great flexibility with the classroom schedule.  --M. Chinitz 04/14/16

Classes were interesting and allowed the students to easily participate.  --D. Thomas 04/14/16

Excellent material taught.  --M. Schvermann 04/14/16

Everyone was friendly, they wanted to see me pass and didn't punish me for screwing up during the road hours, which helped with my ability to be a safe driver. --J. Wiig 04/04/2016

Gained a lot of new skills for driving defensively! --M. Lynch 04/04/2016

The flexible schedule. --M. Sussman 04/04/2016

The teachers are engaging during the classes. --M. Chinitz 04/04/2016

The flexibility of the schedule, the instructors, and the classes. ­­T. Rubin 03/22/2016

The parent class was very fun and interesting. ­­A. Berry 03/22/2016

Always offered a lot of classes every week. ­­J. Shikowitz 03/22/2016

I could pick my days I wanted to attend class. ­­E. Ritter 03/22/2016

Engaging Teachers. ­­L. Hand 03/01/2016

Every instructor has spunk, creates an awesome environment. ­­C. Ford 03/01/2016

Instructor student relationship. ­­D. Fitzgerald 03/01/2016

It is a very informative and you learn a lot. The instructors are great and very nice, it made me prepared for everything. ­­N. Vaccarella 01/19/2016

Very thorough teaching, and all instructors are very nice. ­­Finn 01/19/2016

Classes were organized had specific purpose. ­­A. Hayes 01/19/2016

The Teachers were all great, which made the classes pretty fun. ­­M. Hayward 01/19/2016

Classes that are a mix between fun, and educational. ­­J. Creamer 01/19/2016

You are given advice specific to you during your BTW lesson. ­­C. Pfleghar 01/19/2016

Simple/Relaxed/Informative. ­­D. Templer 12/29/2015

Fun and knowledgeable classes. ­­G. Goldstein 12/29/2015

The teachers here teach in a way that you will not forget. ­­T. Papuashvili 12/22/2016

Well instructed road hours. ­­K. Paulik 12/22/2015

Excellent rolling schedule. ­­S. Epstein 12/22/2015

Tailored to the individual student. ­­D. Elmore 12/08/2015

Very detailed explorations of the road. T. O'Connell 12/08/2015

I found that all instructors were friendly and helpful whether it be in the classroom or behind the wheel instruction. ­­R. O'Boyle 12/8/15

I loved how you can work the classes into your schedule and take classes in any order. ­­R. Kantor 12/8/15

The instructors were all nice and taught in different ways so everyone could understand. The atmosphere was always friendly and positive. ­­C. Deveney 11/24/15

Driving hours with Wally were awesome! ­­H. Elkind 11/24/15

The flexible classes, you come when you can. Instructors are great, very professional and organized. E. Shapiro 11/10/15

I liked how the videos and real life stories strengthen each classes curriculum. ­­C. Morikawa 11/3/15

I liked how Jeff made the classes interesting and engaging. ­­R. Thrush 11/3/15

This school has a great passing rate and convenient times to take license exam right at the school. ­­Q. Cuthbertson 10/20/15

The online schedule is very easy to understand and you can plan ahead. ­­O. Wiener 10/6/15

I really felt like the teachers wanted us to learn, so we could become very safe drivers. B. Kasper 9/28/15

This school has a friendly atmosphere and is very informative. ­­N. Mintz 9/28/15

I liked the flexibility of the schedule and being able to take my license exam right here at the school. S. Pritchett 9/14/15

Cathy was extremely helpful in planning, scheduling lessons and booking my license test. ­­C. Bernstein 9/14/15

Road hours with Maria are the best. ­­I. Burdo 9/1/15

Ed is a great driving instructor. ­­P. McCarthy 9/1/15

I like how they have different instructors teaching in the classroom and also behind the wheel instruction. ­­E. Barna 8/25/15

I learned something new in every class. ­­C. Rossi 8/18/15

The classes were very informative, instructors kept them interesting and engaging. ­­W. Marshall 8/18/15

The clarity and depth of the classes, really prepares you for getting your license. ­­D. Richards 8/11/15

This school has a kind and positive energy and is willing to try to help with every situation. ­­C. Meyer 8/11/15

Engaging and interactive classes taught by good teachers. ­­D. Fichera 8/4/15

Improved my knowledge about the rules of driving and the rules for sixteen year old drivers. ­­S. Gallagher 8/4/15

I liked the amount of detail each instructor added to the classroom curriculum. ­­M. Quinn 7/21/15

The value of my education acquired from this school has made me a confident and safe driver. ­­G. Hill 7/21/15

Being encouraged to take notes at all classes really helped me to prepare for my written road hours test and has helped me to become a confident driver. ­­G. Wynne 7/14/15

I liked how you are able to view the schedule of classes online, for a few months at a time. So you can plan your schedule accordingly. ­­ I. Carrano 7/14/15

The enthusiasm of the instructors and the quality of road hours is what helped me to pass my driver's test. ­­ L. Felner 6/30/15

I liked the flexibility, ease of scheduling and taking classes. ­­ K. Pucci 6/28/15

I like how this school incorporates real life situations/stories into their curriculum. ­­ M. Waldron 6/16/15

Road hours are flexible, classes were fun and you don't have to choose one day every week. ­­ B. Mattera 6/16/15

Road hours with Maria and Keith were great. ­­C. Grosso 6/9/15

The one on one driving classes helped boost my confidence. ­­E. Macdonald 5/19/15

The instructors were nice, it was easy to take notes and I always felt free to ask questions. ­­A. Doherty 5/5/15

Having road hours with Maria, Keith and Ed really helped teach me to drive safe. ­­J. Bonn 4/21/15

I liked how the instructors are motivated and invested in teaching us to be prepared to drive. ­­J. Cohen 4/21/15

I liked Jeff as an instructor in the classroom. ­­M. Salveson 4/7/15

Maria was the best instructor, very informative. ­­N. Welch 4/7/15

You don't have to schedule classes, you can take them in any order at your own pace. ­­E. Berlin 3/24/15

I like how the classes are interactive and the use of real stories. ­­B. Babyak 3/22/15

I liked that you can pick your own schedule and taking road hours with Keith. ­­J. Kaplowitz 3/10/15

This place was outstanding, great instructors and education. I highly recommend this place. ­­M. Fodor 2/10/15

The classroom is very nice and comfortable. Classes are very informative. ­­R. Weisgerber 2/10/15

The parent class has a impressive course structure and thoroughness of information that is supported by lots of facts and figures. ­­E. Hochberg 1/8/15

The parent class was a refresher of both old and new laws. Found the class to be very interesting, material was covered in a fun way. ­­ M. Salveson 1/8/15

They have a very friendly staff. The classes are informative and awesome. ­­A. Paulik 1/6/15