Drivers Education at Driving School of Fairfield

The Driving School of Fairfield Sessions

Teen Course

Our Teenage Course consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction including the state mandated eight hour course on alcohol, drugs and safe driving practices as well as the two hour parent class and 8 hours of behind the wheel instruction.  We go over and above the state requirements by offering such topics as defensive driving, car maintenance, insurance and accidents, and much more.

Students may register in person, by mail, and through our website.

Classroom: We offer classes six to seven days a week depending on the season. There is no minimum or maximum number of classes per week that you must attend. A schedule is posted in front of the classroom, and online; the dates for cles that rassepeat are listed so you can work out your schedule. We typically set the schedule out up tp 3 months in advance. 


Upcoming Classroom Schedule: January 2023



Behind-the-Wheel: Driving Hours are available by appointment, any day at any time.  Students that are enrolled in the 38 Teen Course please make sure that you have taken and passed the written road hours test before scheduling your BTW.  

Note:Please call the office when scheduling all Road Hour appointments. 

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