Why Choose Us?

We take pride here at the The Driving School of Fairfield to make sure that all our students learn to respect the rules of the road. We are committed to molding the next generation of drivers on the road as well as in the classroom. Our cirriculum speaks for itself, which is updatd frequently to adhere to all new regulations. We are here to provide our experience to not only to pass the test, but also to make you safe, confident, and most of all a defensive driver on the road. If you are unable to make a decision we encourage you to come visit our facility meet our team and review our cirriculum.

I will leave you with this: If you want to be a better driver, pick the better school, can be the most important decision you'll ever make!

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Welcome to The Driving School of Fairfield

[STATE] Teenage Driver Training

The Driving School of Fairfield is the premier Defensive Driving School in Fairfield County that has over 25 years of experience.  Our philosophy is to build meaning relationships with our students and their families within our community which we serve.  The Driving School of Fairfield goes over and above the state requirements by offering such topics as defensive driving, car maintenance, insurance and accidents, and much more.  Our personnel are meticulously screened and trained with the upmost detail.  Our personnel are dedicated to patiently and thoughtfully coach new drivers.  Our Behind-the-Wheel training was developed to allow every student to have the opportunity to pass their test for the first time and develop driving technique/skills that will last a lifetime.  We know that our ability to remian calm in a rather stressful environment is important to getting the inexperienced drivers to the next level.